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The Lady Belladonna ....The Beautiful Night lady.

They say I look like Bast!


Do you want to pet me?  Oh good, because this is a friends ONLY journal, and I love pets! leave me a message, and I'll show you in ~♥~ Belladonna 

Now, really
I am mostly shy.
I rarely say out loud what I think about others, I am a proper lady. I rather sit at the top of the room and observe. I am not sure if it is that I detest others or I just find them boring. None the less I am the only girl cat in this household, thus I am spoiled silly and often pursued.
I love being petted but like all girls I know only on my own terms. I have no intention of putting up or putting out with the other boy cats in this house.
I originally was born in Seattle, and now I reside in the lowest portion of Washington. I miss the cooler weather and the northern moth selection, but I have all sorts of new box perches here in which to observe the world.
I spend most of my day watching out the living room windows and napping in the broken sun light, or just hanging out above the entertainment counsel in the living room. Someone once said that I was feral, but I think more that I was just in my teenage rebellion years, as I am now a perfectly content female.
I am a graceful eight pounds, with sexy black short hair, bright green eyes, a great smile, a roaring purr, and a tiny three inch long kinked tail. I am also a high-tech as I came with a rice sized location tracking device.
I am playful when I want to be, stalking the others and yet always demure.
I am a lady!

The Ancient Egyptians revered cats more than any culture in history.
The Goddesses Bast, who is cat-headed.
Bast is the Patroness of the Clan.
Hail Bast!

Bast is the Egyptian Goddess with the body of a beautiful young woman and the head of a cat. She held many, sometimes contradictory, roles. These beliefs were not all necessarily held at the same time, or in the same place. Beliefs shifted over several millennia, and over vast geographical distances.

Bast is the Goddess of cats, the rising sun, the moon, truth, enlightenment, sexuality, physical pleasures, fertility, bounty, birth, plenty, the household and protector of the home, civilization, creation, music, dance, the arts, hemp, and battler of serpents which attack the sun god.

9 lifetimes, back rubs, bacon bits, balconies, bast, batting things, bedding, being a girl, being a princess, being an antagonist, being collar-less, being curious, being cute, being fast, being groomed, being left alone, being naughty, being persistent, being petted, being pretty, being read too, being sleek, being spoiled, being up all night, blankets, brilliance, butt-rubs, cat beds, catching bugs, catnip, cellophane, cevin key, clean cat boxes, climbing, cosmic catnip, cream, crinkly paper, cuddling, defying gravity, dreaming, drinking from the faucet, ear rubs, egyptology, emergency vets, escaping, exploring, feathers, ferns, fish, flying snacks, freefall-diving, fresh bottled water, frozen soy treats, getting arioch in trouble, grooming myself, hardwood floors, hiding, hiding in the curtains, hissing at dogs, house plants, ice cream, katylin, laying in mom’s book, laying in sunbeams, leaping, lemon meringue, licking myself, love, milk, milk-gallon-rings, mom, mom’s lap, moth-snacks, naps in sunshine, new toys, newspaper batting, not being held, not being picked up, paper bags, peekaboo, pets-from-the-toilet, pictures of me, playing tag, prowling, purple, purring, roof walking, rubbing against things, running away, running in circles, seafood, shedding, shredding plastic, sleeping in, sleeping on clothes, sparkly things, speeding down the hall, spit baths, stretching, the front window, touching the ceiling, trackless litter, trader- joe’s-cat-treats, tripping people, tuna, velvet, warm bodies, watching rain, watching water flow, wheat grass, windowsills, yarn, yogurt